The new breed.


Forget labels. We're a group of industry experts who work together to create stimulating, original content for happy clients. Our team spans the marketing, creative and publishing sectors. That order is important; it's the way we operate - our workflow. First we think, then create, then spread. Our goal is to exceed client expectations, but creating work that's unforgettable is what keeps us going. Racquet believe the most effective way to get noticed is strong, relevant stimulus delivered to your audience by trusted hands. We're proud of our partner brand's 3,000,000 strong Australian readership, and as publishers, we know what triggers chatter. Why are we successful? Because we understand what shifts 'marketing' from a distraction to a conversation.


Talent management was never on our roadmap. It was a symptom of our ethos: community. This ethos fuelled our evolution, and the more we focused on growing and supporting creative talent, the further we propelled. Our business model is undoubtedly a strange hybrid, though it’s a model that made us an oddity, though we embraced our deviation. And in that moment, Racquet was given a voice. Soon after, we weren’t an oddity at all; we were a commodity. A rather precious one at that.